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Selecting The Right Tires For Your Motorhome

On motorhome tires or radial truck tires, the standard rating number has no meaning. According to professionals, load range and inflation pressure should be the determining factors. Truck tires are inflated to carry the standard load, and this can vary depending what the truck is hauling, at different times.

The weight seems to be on the perfect front and can reach 3000 lbs. of pressure. In the case of some motorhomes, the amount is continually changing because of the independent front and rear suspension. According to studies, pressure will be reduced by a 10-degree drop in air temperature. The difference between winter and summer can be as much as eight psi.

For truck tires, a ten psi drop in tire pressure will increase tire rolling resistance by two percent. Maintaining proper tire inflation is the primary tire maintenance function. Pressure control that is good is directly related to the cost of gas per mile. By liability and legal concerns, proper inflation would save 25,000 lives. Tires older than ten years should always be replaced. According to Motorhome Magazine, the lower the casing, the higher the need to be replaced. Any tires in service of 10 years or more from the date of manufacture should replaced with new ones due to increased safety concerns.

Motorhome owners should be conscious of the condition of their tires. Noisy air loss and vibrations are all indicators that new ones may be needed. Be sure that before heading out on the road with your motorhome on a trip you at least have the tires checked within days of leaving. According to Motorhome magazine strain of your tires can be determined by matching the pressure to the load on every corner of your vehicle. First, each wheel has to be weighed, and then refer to the manufacturer's website or literature regarding inflation.

Load and inflation tables are provided by each manufacturer for their products. If you need assistance check with your dealer. Your family's safety is dependent upon it. Dont take your RVs tires for granted and say, Ill check it next trip. It is not worth the risk to you and your family. In addition to regularly servicing your recreational vehicles tires, check the warranty you have on them as well. If they are not where they need to be and you are within your warranty window, then use it to your advantage and have your tires replaced id need be. Too many people let their warranty expire before doing anything about their tires, dont let that be you.

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10 Most Expensive Sports Car Owned By Your Favorite Celebrities

Every one of us aspires to buy expensive sports car at some point in our life but hardly any of us is able to make However, this is not the case with celebrities from across the globe. Here you will get to know about some of the famous celebrities who are known to have some of the expensive cars available in the market. JAY Z- MAYBACH EXELERO

Jay Z is one of the widely known rapper of all the time. Buying an expensive car is not a big deal for Jay Z. However, he has the most expensive sport car Maybach Exelero which costs $8,000,000. If you haven't have heard about the car then you should check out the video song "Lost One" by Jay Z where he has flaunt his expensive car. RAPPER BIRDMAN - BUGATTI VEYRON

Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest cars till date and Rapper Birdman owns this luxurious car. It is available in the market at price tag of $ 2 million. It is probably the best car for Birdman because as far as the sports car is concerned, Birdman is huge fan of top seed cars. SIMON COWELL BUGATTI VEYRON

Simon Cowell is one of the famous television personality. Many of you might have seen him judging Britain's Got Talent and various talent shows. He is quite difficult to get impressed by the audience but when we talk about his passions he loves owning classic and sports cars. He also own a Bugatti Veyron which cost $1,700,000. It is also one of the most expensive cars available in market. JERRY SEINFELD PORSCHE 959

Jerry Seinfeld is known for his huge car collection, most of which belongs to the Porsche. Out of all the cars he owns, he has most expensive car which is Porshe-959. It comes with the price tag of $700,00. Only 237 of such models were made and Seinfeld owns one of them.


Frerrari Enzo is one of the most expensive cars ever designed and produced by Ferrari. Nicholas Cage owns this massive car and If you're too planning to buy this car, you will need to have really huge bank balance as the new upcoming model will cost you millions. JAY LENO - MERCEDES SLR MCLAREN

Jay Leno is a famous personality. Apart from his work, he is also known for his huge car collection. He also runs a website dedicated to the same. Mercedes SLR McLaren, which comes with the price tag of $450,000 is one of his favourite sports cars of all the time. DAVID BECKHAM - CUSTOM ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM DROPHEAD

David Beckham, the famous football star also comes under the list of famous celebrities who own expensive sport cars. Apart from all other famous personas, Beckham has its own taste in cars. He owns a custom designed Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead which cost him $407,000. SEAN P. DIDDY MAYBACH

P. Diddy received Maybach on his 16th birthday. Since then it has remained one of the favourite cars. Although, he hasn't bought the car but still it is an expensive one with price tag of $360,000. PARIS HILTON BENTLEY GT CONTINENTAL

Who does not know Paris Hilton? She won of the most amazing singers in Hollywood. As far as her taste goes, she is a huge fan of super-car. She owns a whopping $285,000 Bentley GT Continental. KIM KARDASHIAN FERRARI F43

Last but not the least, we have Kim Kardashian in our list. She also has not held herself back from buying one of the expensive sports cars available in the markets. She loves to flaunt her Ferrari F43 all the time. The car comes with price tag of $186, 925, which is a pretty expensive car for a common person.

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Car Roof Bars – We Have What You Need Need

car roof bars that work as heavy load carriers and as appearance enhancers for your vehicles. We can give you what you need at a very affordable price. Before shopping with us, take note of the following.


Our roof bars suit the following brands: Honda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Citroen and Toyota. We support only cars, caravans and 4x4 vehicles.


Material types for the roof bars would be steel and aluminum. We also offer roof bars with rain gutters.


Roof racks allow car owners to store stuff outside their vehicles. These accessories become necessary if cargoes are too long, too big or too wide to fit into the carís interior. Think of bicycles and ski for example. Families of five or six members on vacation usually carry more stuff than they can put in the trunk of a vehicle.

What is a roof bar with good quality?

We put premium on quality. Our roof bars that are guaranteed to last long and serve you long.

What is a good roof bar?

It is lightweight but can carry heavy loads. It is made of durable material and will not easily rust. It fits perfectly on the vehicle and will not cause scratches or damage to the painting. This is a common point raised in complaints. It is of a comfortable height. It will not increase the vertical dimension of the vehicle too much. It is easy to install and remove.

Choosing the Right Roof Bars

There are two factors to look into when choosing roof bars. One is type and the other is material. When it comes to types, it depends on the shape and size of the rails that your carís roof has. Raised Roof rails - This is the type where the rails run along most of the roof length and commonly found on SUVs and estate cars. There is a space between the roof of the car and the rails. Solid roof rails - This is similar to the raised roof type but it's only that there is no gap similar to the one described above. For these rails, you can have bars that are slightly taller than others. Fixed point  This is the type that you can find in most car styles or models. There are fixed points where the bars are to be attached. They are usually covered with a plastic cap that you will have to remove before attaching a bar to point. Other types  These types are none of the ones mentioned above. One type under this group is the one that requires attaching the roof bar to the car door jamb.

Then there is also the rain gutter type which is usually found in older models. Another type is the one that looks like a track which allows the bar to be inserted into it. With this type, the bars can be made to run along the length of the track.

Finally, you have to decide whether you want aluminum roof bars or ones that are made of steel. The latter option is cheaper. However, with the aluminum type, you get additional benefits, such as it is not noisy and will not cause your car to drag much. With that, you stand to save more on fuel.

We will like you to be the next to benefit from our expertise. Let us find for you the roof bars that suit your vehicle the most.

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Mobile Mechanics Explained By Mecnitecs Uk

Do some research now, and look for a mobile mechanic service Keep the phone number in the contacts of your cell phone, and you can drive anywhere with confidence. It's almost like having a seasoned mechanic following you around all day (and all night), in case something goes wrong with your vehicle. They don't follow you, but they are never far away. Mobile Mechanics Can Do it All

There are many situations which are better suited for a mobile mechanic, besides emergency services. Even routine maintenance is easier - and cheaper - when you hire a mobile technician. Any work that can be done in a stand still garage can be done at your location, whether it's the side of the road, outside your house, or at your place of work. Imagine having the needed work completed while you're working, with zero disruption to your busy schedule! You can schedule ahead, or just call when you need any service from a dead battery or faulty alternator to engine work and transmission repair. It's so easy and convenient that you'll want a mobile mechanic for tune-ups and routine maintenance, as well.

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<b>basic Concepts Of Fleet Insurance</b>

The overall cost of the fleet insurance, is very dependent on the type of vehicle, the driving history of all named drivers, the insured amount of the vehicles, the type of business and the location of the business. Many of these things are out of the businesses control, but one thing the business should take into account is the drivers that they will list on their policy. Many of these things are out of the businesses control, but one thing the business should take into account is the drivers that they will list on their policy. By having all drivers over the age of 25 and making sure all drivers have a clean driving licence, this will help in reducing the overall cost of the fleet insurance policy. Another important factor that the insurer will use to assess the liability of the policy is what the vehicles are used for and the estimated mileage of the vehicles for each year. If the business uses their vehicle to carry goods that the business owns such as tools, carriage of own goods will need to be added to the policy, if customers goods are carried in the vehicles as will be the case with a courier company then goods in transit cover would need to be added to the insurance coverage.

With businesses that have large fleets of vehicles that may change throughout the life of the policy then it may be pertinent to consider getting an any vehicle policy. These are generally more expensive than policies where each vehicle is listed, but does offer the protection the liver business purchases a new vehicle and forgets to notify the broker that there is a new vehicle on the fleet, it will still be covered by the insurance policy. As with any vehicle policies, there are any driver policies available, once again these are generally more expensive than policies where each driver is named and their driving history is declared at policy inception. These policies can be very useful where there is a high turnover of staff, which is often the case with taxi businesses and courier businesses. Whatever type of policy decide to get, make sure its right for your business. It is important to keep your insurance broker up to date with any changes that you have made to your vehicles or your drivers if you do not have the any vehicle or any driver -type policy.

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The History Of The Transit Van

It did not start off as the transit courier van. There are different generations of vans that date back to the late 1960s. Over the decades, there have been different designs of vans to make them fit in the modern world. Also, the the needs of the transport and courier sectors necessitated the need to bring in new and better performing vehicles. The history of the transit van is as follows:

The MK Transit Van Generations

The journey started with the MKâs, where the first MK1 van came to the market in 1965 in the UK. It was a super van by Ford and had all the qualities of a modern van, at the time. In 1971, it had a facelift and a new grill was fitted on the van.

MK2 saw the light of day in 1978. It was better than the previous version and the load sections at the back were all new. During its early existence at the time, there were different changes made on its grill to bring out the best in it. This was done later in 1983.

MK 3 and 4 came together, with the MK3 upgrade or facelift, being the MK4. These two versions came in the market in 1985 and 1991 respectively. The MK3 registered a huge sale in the market after it was launched.

MK5 was a better design than the previous versions except for the body part. The engine was, however, modified to the modern standards. This took place in 1994, and Ford was the designer or manufacturer to go with.

MK6 van came in the year 2000 and 6 years later, the MK7 was born. It was a great way for Ford to usher in the new millennium with the MK6. It was a milestone for Ford as they were able to satisfy the needs of their clients with the MK6 van. For the MK7, it was the same van as the previous version but with huge modifications on the body of the vehicle.

MK8 was the last of the MK generation of vans. It came into the market in 2014 and had a lot to offer in terms of capacity. It became the van of today. From technology to design, it has become a van that addresses the needs of users and the transport industry in general.

The Transit Custom

It took all the tests and came on top at the end, in terms of sales. The van became famous and got the attention it deserved. It was first introduced to the public in 2013, after a series of drive tests to make sure it is what the market needed. From its appearance to performance, the van did not disappoint.

The Transit Connect

It was born in 2002 but later made into a new design in 2014. During the time until it was redesigned, there were major facelifts on the vehicle to make it perform better and also improve on its look. It is a small van and comes with all the features of a large van in terms of reliability.

The Transit Courier

It is also small and offers the modern experience when driving it. Its small size makes it look like a normal car and it drives like one.

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What You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Traders Insurance

It can be a difficult task to choose which specific motor trader insurance policy you might need for your particular needs. To help you distinguish between the possible variants and to help you get the most out of your investment, listed below are the different types of coverage that you can choose for your business.

Third Party Only This type of policy provides coverage for any damages that can occur to another partys vehicle due to an accidental collision. This makes this policy useful even for regular vehicle owners who will likely drive their cars on public roadways and make themselves vulnerable to accidents. Some of the businesses that can benefit from this type of policy are those that are engaged in vehicle repair or restoration, vehicle fitting, valets, and vehicle buying or selling.

Road Risk Cover This type of policy insures only the person whose name is stipulated in the contract, regardless of the type of vehicle he is driving. This means that as long as the vehicle is being driven in relation to your motor trade business, you will be able to enjoy insurance coverage. However, since this policy does not insure the actual vehicle, you will need to be particularly cautious with your driving if you will be using a vehicle outside of work.

Liability Cover There are three types of liability that you can purchase depending on the type of coverage that you need. The first type of liability insurance is a public liability policy. This policy covers you and your business in case a customer injures themselves within the premises of your facility or due to the services that you have rendered. This policy can save you from incurring any unnecessary expenses and eventually jeopardizing your business in case an injured customer decides to file a case in court. Another type of liability insurance is a product liability policy. If your motor trade business is engaged in vehicle fittings, this type of policy could be particularly helpful since it can provide you with coverage in case you fit a faulty part onto a customers vehicle. Instead of having to shoulder the customers complaints, this policy enables your insurer to sue the actual manufacturer of the faulty part and provide you with compensation. The last liability cover is the employers liability. As the name implies, this type of policy insures the employer in case one of his employees injures themselves or dies while he is on duty or while he is working at the business site. For any employer, this is a legal requirement that they must comply with in order to keep their business running.

Combined Cover Combined motor trade insurance policies provide coverage for the business premises, vehicles, equipment, contents, tools, machinery, and liabilities. In a nutshell, it combines liability cover and road risk cover with the addition of providing full coverage for the trader regardless of whether they operate their businesses in an actual shop or from their homes. In case of damage, this type of traders insurance policy also provides protection and coverage to the actual building that you are operating your business from.

Any business owner should be protected by some form of traders insurance. Examine your risks and choose the insurance package that covers these risks.

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Swift Ideas About The Best Towing Services

These RVs cost excessively much to just leave them on the side of the street. That is when towing is required. The service of a Salt Lake City towing company is required at any point of time by each and every one of us. Whether you need a paint job or detailing, we do it all!. Cars are vulnerable to time and parts erode over the years. Always keep Whether you need a paint job or detailing, we do it all! Cars are vulnerable to time and parts erode over the years. Always keep in mind security measures in towing to avoid unnecessary reimbursement as well as unwarranted accidents, loss of lives or further damage or demolition to vehicles.

Then they connect it up to the normal towing away equipment. A lot of members of these recovery teams are highly trained in first aid. At the same time, see to the fact that these two service providers provide towing in such a way that your vehicle does not receive any damages or scratches. A dead electric storage device is not possible to happen with a brand new auto, and there are few stories concerning the newfangled motor overheating. These insurance packages usually come together with roadside assistance.

Always remember that an urgent situation can occur without any caution and you might need to do the hiring of a pulling organization. Any vehicle runs on machinery and hence is susceptible to break down or malfunctioning at any point of time.

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Choosing The Right Auto Body Shop After Accident

Accident is what no one likes. In addition to causing damage in your car and your body, the consequences can be a nuisance because of hassle at your insurance and find the right Calgary auto body repair shop to repair your vehicle properly. For the best work at the best price, what you should pay attention to when chooses an auto body repair shop?. In addition to response For the best work at the best price, what you should pay attention to when chooses an auto body repair shop? In addition to response time, affordability and quality of work, and you should find out the following from the shop you want to consider: how long they have been in business, what kind of vehicles they specializes in repairing, what kind of guarantee they offer, and If they offer additional services, such as cars rental or loners.

Referrals If possible, check with your colleagues, friends and family for a recommendation for a garage that has done a good job for them. Some shops, especially small family auto shop even dont have an internet presence, as they have built a successful business in individual recommendations. Check Google for review. If you discover one that have high numbers of good reviews and comments, dont hesitate you have found yourself a good shop.

Price Whether the payment for the repair is coming from you or from your insurance, you want to make sure you pay a fair price for the services the services you will receive. You probably may not know what a reasonable price is, so always get several deals before making a decision. With an estimate of three or four different shops in your hand you can find a great difference in price. How can you tell whether the lowest price the shop offer will deliver the quality of work? How do you know whether the shop with highest price worth it?

A shop that give lower estimate may use after market or salvage parts and lesser coats of paints and clear coat on your vehicle than a shop of higher price. On the other hand, the parts used are OEM replacement and shop may have lower operating costs so they dont over price the customers. Therefore, it is important to compare each section of the estimates to discover how much is allocated for parts, labor and other costs.

Be careful of some shop that offer too good to be true cheap price. For example, an auto body repairs shop that have no theft or fire insurance which is definitely what work in your favor in the form of lower prices? If theft or fire occurs while your vehicle is in the shop, the liability falls squarely on you.

Labor Cost The largest item on an estimate of the repair of accident damage is the labor costs. This figure reflects not only the amount of shop owner pays his employees, but also the amount of overhead he pays. If the store is in an expensive area or it has a big administrative office for support, the cost per hour may be higher than others Decision If you have no recommendations to get started, take into consideration factors such as the how long has the store was in operation, how the store looks and if the shop has the latest auto body technology, are they always busy and your intuition. Check with the local Better Business Bureau and look for online reviews and comments to guide your decision. The quality is not cheap, and in selecting the right shop you definitely want to make sure you are paying the right price with quality workmanship.

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How To Find Car Finance For Bad Credit

While looking for car finance for bad credit may be difficult, this does not mean you will not be granted a loan. You just need to choose the right car, save, and if necessary, find a guarantor.

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Should You Buy Second Hand Tyres?

Maintaining any vehicle includes regular cleaning, oil changes, component checks, and of course, tire changes. The thing about tire changes is that this doesnt come cheap. Even the most basic offerings can cost a pretty penny. This is the reason why there are drivers who spend on second hand tyres instead.

But the question is this, are these second hand tyres safe to use? Is it fair to say that there are options that are in good condition? Aside from tire shops, there are mechanics and junk yards that have these kinds of tires readily available for sale. Most of these still have enough treading and do not show obvious wearing and tearing. These are the kinds of second hand tyres that may be considered.

But people should understand that discounted pre-loved tires are not the only ones belonging to the category of second hand rubber. In the car game, brand new tires that are more than a year old are already considered as such. Larger discounts are given depending on the age of the tire. This is because the condition of the rubber compound, even if the tire has never been used, tends to degrade over time.

But second hand tyres should only be purchased when necessary. It is always best to buy newly manufactured and unused tires from reputable sellers like especially if a car is going to be used for out-of-city driving. The money used on better tires is not only an investment for the vehicle but an investment in the security of the drivers and his or her passengers as well.

Before making any purchase, it is a good idea to check a couple of things starting with the condition of the rubber. New tires have a special coating that looks like a plasticine finish. This coating degrades over time making the age of tires quite noticeable. Also check when the tires were manufactured. This is the kind of information that sellers must provide you with. Refuse any tire that was not manufactured within the last year.

Tires have manufacturing codes on the sidewall. These usually come with four digits representing the week and the year when the tire was made. In some cases, the code can be found printed on the inside portion of the tire.

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Essential Things To Know Before Starting A Tow Business

There are always in need due to the large volume of traffic accidents on In addition, one cannot forget about all the numerous parking violations that require a tow as well. Of course, there are countless cars that stall or break down along side the road and need assistance. With all of that in mind, it is easy to see why there is such demand for towing services.

Who Operated The Towing Company?

Many of the towing companies that you see on the road each day are privately owned. Many of these companies operate on the small roads and county highways. Most of these towing services operate with one intent and that is to tow vehicles. However, there are some larger companies that offer up huge fleets of trucks which can be rented out or used to tow buses or big rigs. Many of the major highways have state road departments that operate their own tow trucks. Many of the police and fire departments also have their own towing service that they use for their departments.

Several Facts About The Towing Process

The tow business can become quite hectic, especially during bad weather. To keep things organized, many tow services use a dispatch service. The tow truck drivers are given assignments on a daily basis as they come in from the dispatch. When a tow service is needed it is sent to the dispatch service. The dispatch operator with then distribute the request to a driver.

Many times the dispatch operator will communicate with the driver through a mobile data terminal or a mobile radio. However, as technology has changed and become much cheaper most tow services simply use wireless phones and other equipment. Many of the towing services now rely on Global Positioning System (GPS) and other wireless tools to make life on the road more efficient.

What Tools Are Used?

Many people think that navigation tools are only used by airline and shipping companies, but you have a surprise in store. In recent years, towing services have begun to rely heavily on these tools. They can pinpoint the exact location of a car that needs to be towed, which generally means much quicker service.

Many of the larger tow companies make use of the automatic vehicle location systems that are used to determine which tow truck is closest to the client in need to lessen their wait time. The dispatcher can also monitor which trucks are in service with one glance. Many of the AVL systems employ GPS to make them more efficient.

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Getting Auto Electric Work Done

So how do you find a qualified (and quality) mechanic for auto electric work that won't completely bust your budget? Read on to find out!

Checking A Business's Reputation

One of the first steps is to check out the reputations of auto repair specialists who actually advertise that they take care of electric work for automobiles. Do a Google search, look through local online blogs or papers - you want to see not only the rankings of each business but see if there are any stories of great community service or negative stories about lawsuits. Do your research up front.

Knowing Your Budget

To some extent repairs on auto electric work are just going to be more expensive and harder to negotiate. If they require specialized parts or even computer parts because the electric issue is tied to technology, then it will be hard to find an inexpensive option but despite that it's still important to know your budget and to look for providers who can at least get into that range for you.

A Little Bit Of Research On Pricing

Different problems require different pricing. This should make sense and yet most people don't bother to do some basic research that ends up making all the difference when it comes to getting the best deal. Even if a repair has some wildly different quotes for pricing, you can still take a few different sources together to at least get a basic average you can then work with.

Do some research and get competing quotes to get things done.

Car & Model Matter

The expenses that will come up and the difficulty of the design will be directly tied to what car style and model you have. Some cars are extremely easy to step in and do repairs with but others are quite the opposite and require specialists and special training that most places simply will not be able to provide. Keep this in mind when you look for the perfect repair shop.

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Top 5 Car Care Tips That You Should Follow

Since the moment you buy it, your car becomes your responsibility, and if you treat it badly, then you incur in higher chances of getting accidents or expensive malfunctions. Throughout this article, we will go over five simple, and yet effective, auto care tips. Car's Tire Pressure Regular Check: This one is simple to do, but you would be surprised on how many people overlook it. Simply stop at a gas pump, a service area or use a pressure measurer if you own one and check for the tires' air pressure levels. The manufacturer usually inscribes the recommended levels somewhere on the car's papers or behind the fuel lid. Change Oil Filter, not just Oil: Changing the oil is something people usually don't forget to do, but they also seem to forget about the oil filter a lot. A good rule of thumb is that you should change the oil and on the next time change the oil and oil filter - you change the filter every other time you change the oil. This will ensure that your car stays well maintain at this level. Check hoses and belts: Hoses and belts are among the most fragile components you can find beneath the hood. They are often damaged, scrapped, corroded, and you should check them regularly for small defects, as they can scale into big malfunctions on a short term. It's pretty easy to do, and it can prevent trouble. A common problem is when the fuel hose detaches itself and spreads fuel directly on the wheels making the car slide out of the road - so, it's some serious stuff. Get your brakes checked: Brakes are vital, we all know this, but maybe you can't check them for yourself? If this is the case, then consider going to the mechanic to have them check to ensure your car is properly maintained. Brakes erode through constant pressure and scrapping, and if they start to show some tiredness, it may be time to replace them. Baking Soda on your battery: Batteries wear out pretty quickly when they are dirty, so the best car maintenance tip we can give you is to keep your battery clean. If you start to feel your car takes too long to start, or sometimes it doesn't start at all - check the battery for corrosion or dirt. A pinch of baking soda will get the corrosion and dirt out of the picture right away.

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Getting Luxury Vehicles To Help Your Business

Were dedicated to exceptional service and true professionalism, which can be seen in how our chauffeurs and telephone staff work. Do you have an important occasion planned to help grow or create buzz for your company or organization? Were the right people for your transportation needs! Visit for bookings or any inquiries.

There are plenty of ways for you to grow your business or change it for the better. Some of them involve people from outside the company such as joint ventures, partnerships, mergers or acquisitions. Nowadays, youd likely need the help of other corporate entities or investors to keep your business running and competitive. Thats why first impressions matter a great deal.

So how do we at Luxury Road Events come into the picture? Well, business meetings and corporate events require reliable transportation. We have that at the top of our menu. Also, what better way to command respect from your important attendees than by providing luxury vehicles to take them around? Again, thats something we gladly offer. Our party buses could show a lot about your company as well your own self. Youd be seen as considerate and thoughtful. Youd be lauded for giving importance to your guests needs and convenience. Youd be considered to have good attention to detail and organization.

Effectively Organizing a Party Bus Pickup

We at Luxury Road Events would gladly collaborate with you in order that your visitors get nothing short of a smooth and hassle-free ride to their destination. Its important, however, that you do your part in making everything clear for the passenger-to-be, especially one arriving from the airport. You should directly message or email your guest about the details of the pickup (e.g. the name of the driver, what sign to look for at the arrival gate) and not just contact the assistant. To prepare for unlikely circumstances, you should also give the telephone numbers of the driver and the company. Of course, youd want to take the initiative of calling them yourself around the time the flight arrives.

Similarly, you should give clear instructions to the assigned chauffeur as well. It would be best to likewise contact him directly about the pickup. Giving the two parties each others phone numbers would make things easier for both, as trust would be established beforehand.

To add a special touch to transporting your guest/s, you could make an arrangement with the driver to offer them a quick tour of some of the citys sites or landmarks on their way to their destination. We at Luxury Road Events ensure that our chauffeurs are greatly familiar with the city so that they could serve as unofficial tour guides. Employing this plan would allow them to feel more relaxed and welcomed upon arriving here. It would also add a couple more points to your reputation, especially if your guest/s are informed that it was your idea.

As Confucius once said, success depends on preparation. With Luxury Road Events, youd get the help you need in preparing the best transportation for your visitors and having an ultimately successful event.

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Repairing your Boat

Most boats are supported by lengths of wood on its bottom. These wood lengths are what are referred to as stringers. Stringers are prone to wear and tear due to the harsher treatment they get so they are to be repaired or replaced often.

Unsealed Deck Holes

If someone has bedded something in the deck and not sealed it properly, the water will be able to get through that hole and will rot the wood stringer on the boat. When there is rot in the stringer, it’s just a matter of time before it fails, and the stringer falls apart. Whenever you discover this, the first thought should be to check the stringers if they’re not boxed in.

Delaminated Fiberglass

Where the fibreglass of the deck has become delaminated, it’s almost certain that water will have penetrated the stringers. Whereas a deck hole can mean the replacement of just one stringer, deck delamination will usually involve putting in all new stringers. This is a major job, which will mean removing and replacing the entire deck as well as the stringers. This will not only be time-consuming but also very expensive, and keep the boat out of the water for a long time. Sourced from:

Fiberglass in the boat can break but this should not be disheartening since this is a material that can be repaired easily. You do not need a professional to do the repairs for you as far as fiberglass is concerned. There are DIY tips that you can use.

Cut Away the Damage

Impact damage nearly always results in some associated delamination. Tap the impact area with the end of a plastic screwdriver handle to determine the extent of the damage; solid laminate sounds sharp, delamination dull. Check inside the boat to make sure nothing is in the way, then make a circular or oval cut to remove the damaged area. Never try to save damaged fiberglass; always cut it out and replace it with new laminate. Check all the edges and enlarge the hole if you find any additional delamination.

Working from Inside

If the damage area is small and above the waterline, make the repair from inside the hull, if possible. You are going to bevel the edge of the hole with a 12-to-1 chamfer, so if you repair a 3-inch diameter hole through a 1/2-inch-thick hull from the outside, you end up with about 15 inches (diameter) of surface damage to refinish. Repair it from the inside and you have only a 3-inch hole to refinish.

A second reason to make the repair from the inside is that you can back the hole on the outside with a polished surface, creating a mold that allows you to lay-up the repair the same way the boat was built--gelcoat first. Very little finish work will be required. Sourced from:

Times are tough financially and many boat owners prefer doing their own repairs instead of hiring professionals. It is advised that one effective way of minimizing coats is by painting the boat’s bottom. For those who have their boats on trailers this is a nightmare thus the need to know how to get your boat off a trailer.

If you use a roller trailer, you should block up the boat for winter storage. If you don't, the rollers will leave small indentations in the hull and possible stress cracks in the area of the pressure points . The rollers straddle the main stringer of the hull; they don't sit on the stringer like a bunk trailer. Also, if you trailer the boat a long distance to use it during the summer, it's best to use a bunk trailer.

Invest in boat stands. New, they run around $75 each; used, about $25 each.

Look for 12" x 12" pressure-treated wood blocking. Do not use cinder blocks if you're working on the bottom of the hull. If you can't find the correct size blocking, you can use 6" x 6" pressure- treated wood from Home Depot or Lowes. You would glue two pieces together with Liquid Nails and then nail 12" x 12" x 5/8" plywood to the ends to make them one 12" x 12" unit and to keep them square and locked in place. [youtube video= ]

When blocking up a boat, do not use a three-point blocking stance. (See photos 1 and 2) For an 18-ft boat, you should have two main blocks under the boat and two boat stands on the port and starboard sides for a total of six contact points. Bigger boats require more blocks and boat stands (every six feet). So you will have eight contact points on an 20-Ft boat. Sourced from:

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Boats: Own a New Home

Boats are no longer are luxury, for many it is now a necessity. There are those who live in boats and those who use boats to make a living. This therefore makes boats a great investment thus the need for one to weigh certain issues very carefully when shopping for one. Some of the tips for boat shopping include choosing a boat that is right for your purpose and visiting many boat dealers as you possibly can.

Choose the right boat. Narrow your choices to a short list of boat categories and make short lists of features that you require, features that you would like, and features that you want to stay away from. Take a look at our Boat Selector tool and find the boat that will be right just for you and your family.

Visit a boat show and choose the right dealer. Once you have narrowed your category choices down, then the real fun begins. It’s time to go shopping. Visit a local boat show and board as many boats as you can. Consider all available options. See a list of boat shows in your area. Remember, you are interviewing your dealer as well as searching for the perfect boat. You want to find the right boat-brand-dealer combination. Ask similar questions to each dealer to compare apples to apples. You may not know the exact boat that you want yet, but you know what kind of experience and service that you want to have, so don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Discover Boating also recommends buying from Marine Industry Certified Dealers. Find a certified dealer in your area. Sourced from:

Boats offer a great solution when housing becomes expensive. If you cannot rent it on land why not own a floating home? People do not like thinking out of the box but for something buying a house boat6 solved all their house issues.

Emilie-Kate Owen was just another young first-time buyer who couldn't afford a home in London when she stumbled across a solution – a boat. "Until 2006 I was living with friends but then wanted some space on my own. I couldn't afford to buy on my own and thought about shared ownership but the places on offer were pretty intimidating. Then I spoke to a young guy and he said he lived on a boat – suddenly it clicked," says Owen.

The eight-foot-wide barge is larger than anything she could have bought on her own at twice the price in the same area. There's a bedroom with an adjoining loo, a large 18-foot-long reception and kitchen, a spare room and plenty of outdoor space, too. Sourced from:

Every floating home is referred to by the public as a boat house but actually there is a name for every floating house. Some of the house boat models are full hull, catamaran, barge, planing, pontoons, trailerable and displacement.


The Pontoon Houseboat style is extremely popular, since it provides stability, practicality, and is reasonably priced. Very common model of house boats.


The Full Hull style is also an extremely popular model, since it provides stability, practicality, and storage space below the floor.


The Planing Hull style is also an extremely popular model, since it provides stability, practicality, speed, and storage space below deck. [youtube video= ]


The Displacement Hull style is a slightly less popular model, however it is well suited since it provides comfortable ride in foul weather, and an excellent hull style for fuel efficiency. Sourced from:

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Your Motorcycle Buying Guide

One of the toys that most men love playing with are motorcycles. But before you decide that you want to be a biker, there are some few thing to consider.

The Real Cost of Ownership

It’s not a surprise that when gas prices spike during the warmer months, so do motorcycle sales. And while it’s true that some motorcycles do get better gas mileage than cars, and that they’re often cheaper to buy, the fact is that the cost of bike ownership goes way beyond the MSRP and price at the pump:

The Bike

Motorcycle prices can vary wildly, but on average, if you’re buying a new motorcycle fit for a beginner, you’re probably spending anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.


If you are over 25 and have a spotless driving record, you can get a pretty decent rate on insurance, possibly under $500 a year. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more involved than simply your age and driving record—the population density of where you live, the theft rate of the bike model, whether Christmas falls on a Tuesday...when it comes to insurance, it’s Thunderdome. Shop around, obviously, but just know that you’re definitely going to shell out some cash. Sourced from:

Not everyone will be able to afford a brand new two wheeler from the shop but they can buy a used one. As a buyer you should check the condition of the car and the seller’s authencity. This simply means that paperwork must be involved. This includes several things.

The paperwork requires the following -

RC (Registration Certificate) Book- It is mandatory for the seller to provide the RC book of the concerned vehicle to the buyer. The purchaser should check that the details of the vehicle match the details on the book. For example, the vehicle number and stamp proving the payment of tax. The name of the owner (seller) should be correct on the book. This book has to be submitted by the buyer in the RTO (Regional Transport Office) where the owner’s name will be changed to the new one.

If the RC book has a bank seal stamped on it which denotes bank loan, the purchaser should get form 35 stamped, signed and a NOC letter from the bank mentioning the clearance of loans. The RTO charges a fee to cancel the loan entry.

Insurance Certificate- It is mandatory for any vehicle to have an insurance policy. Without insurance, a vehicle will not be registered by the RTO. In case of buying a used motorcycle, the vendor has to provide the purchaser with the two wheeler insurance certificate of the vehicle. The bank which has provided this insurance policy will transfer the ownership from the seller to the buyer if the policy is active at the time of purchase. If it is not active he (the buyer) has to apply for a new two wheeler insurance policy.

He can apply for a two wheeler insurance policy with any bank which provides the same. In case of buying a new policy he has to check his own requirements and then take up something which is beneficial. Sourced from:

You do not need to be a professional mechanic in order to be able to do simple home service tasks on your motorbike. For instance you can start by checking the tyre presuures.

TYRES - Pressures

When was the last time you checked your bike's tyre pressures? It should be done on a weekly basis, but many of us forget to keep an eye on one of the most vital parts of our bike's set-up.

Underinflated tyres tend to affect handling and braking as the lack of pressure means the tyre wall isn't firm enough to properly cope with the forces exterted on it. Overinflation can also result in a deterioration in handling, as well as a reduced contact patch with the road. This can result in a lack of grip under braking. [youtube video= ]

Use a quality pressure gauge to accurately check your bike's tyre pressures. Consult the owner's manual for the correct pressure. Remember, your tyres may need more pressure if you regularly ride with a pillion passenger. Always check your pressures when they're cold.

It's also worth checking the condition and tread depth of the tyres while you're at it. Sourced from:

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