Car Roof Bars – We Have What You Need Need

Car Roof Bars – We Have What You Need Need

car roof bars that work as heavy load carriers and as appearance enhancers for your vehicles. We can give you what you need at a very affordable price. Before shopping with us, take note of the following.


Our roof bars suit the following brands: Honda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Citroen and Toyota. We support only cars, caravans and 4×4 vehicles.


Material types for the roof bars would be steel and aluminum. We also offer roof bars with rain gutters.


Roof racks allow car owners to store stuff outside their vehicles. These accessories become necessary if cargoes are too long, too big or too wide to fit into the carís interior. Think of bicycles and ski for example. Families of five or six members on vacation usually carry more stuff than they can put in the trunk of a vehicle.

What is a roof bar with good quality?

We put premium on quality. Our roof bars that are guaranteed to last long and serve you long.

What is a good roof bar?

  • It is lightweight but can carry heavy loads.
  • It is made of durable material and will not easily rust.
  • It fits perfectly on the vehicle and will not cause scratches or damage to the painting. This is a common point raised in complaints.
  • It is of a comfortable height. It will not increase the vertical dimension of the vehicle too much.
  • It is easy to install and remove.

Choosing the Right Roof Bars

There are two factors to look into when choosing roof bars. One is type and the other is material. When it comes to types, it depends on the shape and size of the rails that your carís roof has.

  • Raised Roof rails – This is the type where the rails run along most of the roof length and commonly found on SUVs and estate cars. There is a space between the roof of the car and the rails.
  • Solid roof rails – This is similar to the raised roof type but it’s only that there is no gap similar to the one described above. For these rails, you can have bars that are slightly taller than others.
  • Fixed point  This is the type that you can find in most car styles or models. There are fixed points where the bars are to be attached. They are usually covered with a plastic cap that you will have to remove before attaching a bar to point.
  • Other types  These types are none of the ones mentioned above. One type under this group is the one that requires attaching the roof bar to the car door jamb.

Then there is also the rain gutter type which is usually found in older models. Another type is the one that looks like a track which allows the bar to be inserted into it. With this type, the bars can be made to run along the length of the track.

Finally, you have to decide whether you want aluminum roof bars or ones that are made of steel. The latter option is cheaper. However, with the aluminum type, you get additional benefits, such as it is not noisy and will not cause your car to drag much. With that, you stand to save more on fuel.

We will like you to be the next to benefit from our expertise. Let us find for you the roof bars that suit your vehicle the most.