10 Most Expensive Sports Car Owned By Your Favorite Celebrities

Every one of us aspires to buy expensive sports car at some point in our life but hardly any of us is able to make However, this is not the case with celebrities from across the globe. Here you will get to know about some of the famous celebrities who are known to have some of the expensive cars available in the market. JAY Z- MAYBACH EXELERO

Jay Z is one of the widely known rapper of all the time. Buying an expensive car is not a big deal for Jay Z. However, he has the most expensive sport car Maybach Exelero which costs $8,000,000. If you haven't have heard about the car then you should check out the video song "Lost One" by Jay Z where he has flaunt his expensive car. RAPPER BIRDMAN - BUGATTI VEYRON

Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest cars till date and Rapper Birdman owns this luxurious car. It is available in the market at price tag of $ 2 million. It is probably the best car for Birdman because as far as the sports car is concerned, Birdman is huge fan of top seed cars. SIMON COWELL BUGATTI VEYRON

Simon Cowell is one of the famous television personality. Many of you might have seen him judging Britain's Got Talent and various talent shows. He is quite difficult to get impressed by the audience but when we talk about his passions he loves owning classic and sports cars. He also own a Bugatti Veyron which cost $1,700,000. It is also one of the most expensive cars available in market. JERRY SEINFELD PORSCHE 959

Jerry Seinfeld is known for his huge car collection, most of which belongs to the Porsche. Out of all the cars he owns, he has most expensive car which is Porshe-959. It comes with the price tag of $700,00. Only 237 of such models were made and Seinfeld owns one of them.


Frerrari Enzo is one of the most expensive cars ever designed and produced by Ferrari. Nicholas Cage owns this massive car and If you're too planning to buy this car, you will need to have really huge bank balance as the new upcoming model will cost you millions. JAY LENO - MERCEDES SLR MCLAREN

Jay Leno is a famous personality. Apart from his work, he is also known for his huge car collection. He also runs a website dedicated to the same. Mercedes SLR McLaren, which comes with the price tag of $450,000 is one of his favourite sports cars of all the time. DAVID BECKHAM - CUSTOM ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM DROPHEAD

David Beckham, the famous football star also comes under the list of famous celebrities who own expensive sport cars. Apart from all other famous personas, Beckham has its own taste in cars. He owns a custom designed Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead which cost him $407,000. SEAN P. DIDDY MAYBACH

P. Diddy received Maybach on his 16th birthday. Since then it has remained one of the favourite cars. Although, he hasn't bought the car but still it is an expensive one with price tag of $360,000. PARIS HILTON BENTLEY GT CONTINENTAL

Who does not know Paris Hilton? She won of the most amazing singers in Hollywood. As far as her taste goes, she is a huge fan of super-car. She owns a whopping $285,000 Bentley GT Continental. KIM KARDASHIAN FERRARI F43

Last but not the least, we have Kim Kardashian in our list. She also has not held herself back from buying one of the expensive sports cars available in the markets. She loves to flaunt her Ferrari F43 all the time. The car comes with price tag of $186, 925, which is a pretty expensive car for a common person.

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