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Car Roof Bars – We Have What You Need Need

car roof bars that work as heavy load carriers and as appearance enhancers for your vehicles. We can give you what you need at a very affordable price. Before shopping with us, take note of the following.


Our roof bars suit the following brands: Honda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Citroen and Toyota. We support only cars, caravans and 4x4 vehicles.


Material types for the roof bars would be steel and aluminum. We also offer roof bars with rain gutters.


Roof racks allow car owners to store stuff outside their vehicles. These accessories become necessary if cargoes are too long, too big or too wide to fit into the carís interior. Think of bicycles and ski for example. Families of five or six members on vacation usually carry more stuff than they can put in the trunk of a vehicle.

What is a roof bar with good quality?

We put premium on quality. Our roof bars that are guaranteed to last long and serve you long.

What is a good roof bar?

It is lightweight but can carry heavy loads. It is made of durable material and will not easily rust. It fits perfectly on the vehicle and will not cause scratches or damage to the painting. This is a common point raised in complaints. It is of a comfortable height. It will not increase the vertical dimension of the vehicle too much. It is easy to install and remove.

Choosing the Right Roof Bars

There are two factors to look into when choosing roof bars. One is type and the other is material. When it comes to types, it depends on the shape and size of the rails that your carís roof has. Raised Roof rails - This is the type where the rails run along most of the roof length and commonly found on SUVs and estate cars. There is a space between the roof of the car and the rails. Solid roof rails - This is similar to the raised roof type but it's only that there is no gap similar to the one described above. For these rails, you can have bars that are slightly taller than others. Fixed point  This is the type that you can find in most car styles or models. There are fixed points where the bars are to be attached. They are usually covered with a plastic cap that you will have to remove before attaching a bar to point. Other types  These types are none of the ones mentioned above. One type under this group is the one that requires attaching the roof bar to the car door jamb.

Then there is also the rain gutter type which is usually found in older models. Another type is the one that looks like a track which allows the bar to be inserted into it. With this type, the bars can be made to run along the length of the track.

Finally, you have to decide whether you want aluminum roof bars or ones that are made of steel. The latter option is cheaper. However, with the aluminum type, you get additional benefits, such as it is not noisy and will not cause your car to drag much. With that, you stand to save more on fuel.

We will like you to be the next to benefit from our expertise. Let us find for you the roof bars that suit your vehicle the most.

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The History Of The Transit Van

It did not start off as the transit courier van. There are different generations of vans that date back to the late 1960s. Over the decades, there have been different designs of vans to make them fit in the modern world. Also, the the needs of the transport and courier sectors necessitated the need to bring in new and better performing vehicles. The history of the transit van is as follows:

The MK Transit Van Generations

The journey started with the MKâs, where the first MK1 van came to the market in 1965 in the UK. It was a super van by Ford and had all the qualities of a modern van, at the time. In 1971, it had a facelift and a new grill was fitted on the van.

MK2 saw the light of day in 1978. It was better than the previous version and the load sections at the back were all new. During its early existence at the time, there were different changes made on its grill to bring out the best in it. This was done later in 1983.

MK 3 and 4 came together, with the MK3 upgrade or facelift, being the MK4. These two versions came in the market in 1985 and 1991 respectively. The MK3 registered a huge sale in the market after it was launched.

MK5 was a better design than the previous versions except for the body part. The engine was, however, modified to the modern standards. This took place in 1994, and Ford was the designer or manufacturer to go with.

MK6 van came in the year 2000 and 6 years later, the MK7 was born. It was a great way for Ford to usher in the new millennium with the MK6. It was a milestone for Ford as they were able to satisfy the needs of their clients with the MK6 van. For the MK7, it was the same van as the previous version but with huge modifications on the body of the vehicle.

MK8 was the last of the MK generation of vans. It came into the market in 2014 and had a lot to offer in terms of capacity. It became the van of today. From technology to design, it has become a van that addresses the needs of users and the transport industry in general.

The Transit Custom

It took all the tests and came on top at the end, in terms of sales. The van became famous and got the attention it deserved. It was first introduced to the public in 2013, after a series of drive tests to make sure it is what the market needed. From its appearance to performance, the van did not disappoint.

The Transit Connect

It was born in 2002 but later made into a new design in 2014. During the time until it was redesigned, there were major facelifts on the vehicle to make it perform better and also improve on its look. It is a small van and comes with all the features of a large van in terms of reliability.

The Transit Courier

It is also small and offers the modern experience when driving it. Its small size makes it look like a normal car and it drives like one.

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Should You Buy Second Hand Tyres?

Maintaining any vehicle includes regular cleaning, oil changes, component checks, and of course, tire changes. The thing about tire changes is that this doesnt come cheap. Even the most basic offerings can cost a pretty penny. This is the reason why there are drivers who spend on second hand tyres instead.

But the question is this, are these second hand tyres safe to use? Is it fair to say that there are options that are in good condition? Aside from tire shops, there are mechanics and junk yards that have these kinds of tires readily available for sale. Most of these still have enough treading and do not show obvious wearing and tearing. These are the kinds of second hand tyres that may be considered.

But people should understand that discounted pre-loved tires are not the only ones belonging to the category of second hand rubber. In the car game, brand new tires that are more than a year old are already considered as such. Larger discounts are given depending on the age of the tire. This is because the condition of the rubber compound, even if the tire has never been used, tends to degrade over time.

But second hand tyres should only be purchased when necessary. It is always best to buy newly manufactured and unused tires from reputable sellers like especially if a car is going to be used for out-of-city driving. The money used on better tires is not only an investment for the vehicle but an investment in the security of the drivers and his or her passengers as well.

Before making any purchase, it is a good idea to check a couple of things starting with the condition of the rubber. New tires have a special coating that looks like a plasticine finish. This coating degrades over time making the age of tires quite noticeable. Also check when the tires were manufactured. This is the kind of information that sellers must provide you with. Refuse any tire that was not manufactured within the last year.

Tires have manufacturing codes on the sidewall. These usually come with four digits representing the week and the year when the tire was made. In some cases, the code can be found printed on the inside portion of the tire.

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Essential Things To Know Before Starting A Tow Business

There are always in need due to the large volume of traffic accidents on In addition, one cannot forget about all the numerous parking violations that require a tow as well. Of course, there are countless cars that stall or break down along side the road and need assistance. With all of that in mind, it is easy to see why there is such demand for towing services.

Who Operated The Towing Company?

Many of the towing companies that you see on the road each day are privately owned. Many of these companies operate on the small roads and county highways. Most of these towing services operate with one intent and that is to tow vehicles. However, there are some larger companies that offer up huge fleets of trucks which can be rented out or used to tow buses or big rigs. Many of the major highways have state road departments that operate their own tow trucks. Many of the police and fire departments also have their own towing service that they use for their departments.

Several Facts About The Towing Process

The tow business can become quite hectic, especially during bad weather. To keep things organized, many tow services use a dispatch service. The tow truck drivers are given assignments on a daily basis as they come in from the dispatch. When a tow service is needed it is sent to the dispatch service. The dispatch operator with then distribute the request to a driver.

Many times the dispatch operator will communicate with the driver through a mobile data terminal or a mobile radio. However, as technology has changed and become much cheaper most tow services simply use wireless phones and other equipment. Many of the towing services now rely on Global Positioning System (GPS) and other wireless tools to make life on the road more efficient.

What Tools Are Used?

Many people think that navigation tools are only used by airline and shipping companies, but you have a surprise in store. In recent years, towing services have begun to rely heavily on these tools. They can pinpoint the exact location of a car that needs to be towed, which generally means much quicker service.

Many of the larger tow companies make use of the automatic vehicle location systems that are used to determine which tow truck is closest to the client in need to lessen their wait time. The dispatcher can also monitor which trucks are in service with one glance. Many of the AVL systems employ GPS to make them more efficient.

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Getting Luxury Vehicles To Help Your Business

Were dedicated to exceptional service and true professionalism, which can be seen in how our chauffeurs and telephone staff work. Do you have an important occasion planned to help grow or create buzz for your company or organization? Were the right people for your transportation needs! Visit for bookings or any inquiries.

There are plenty of ways for you to grow your business or change it for the better. Some of them involve people from outside the company such as joint ventures, partnerships, mergers or acquisitions. Nowadays, youd likely need the help of other corporate entities or investors to keep your business running and competitive. Thats why first impressions matter a great deal.

So how do we at Luxury Road Events come into the picture? Well, business meetings and corporate events require reliable transportation. We have that at the top of our menu. Also, what better way to command respect from your important attendees than by providing luxury vehicles to take them around? Again, thats something we gladly offer. Our party buses could show a lot about your company as well your own self. Youd be seen as considerate and thoughtful. Youd be lauded for giving importance to your guests needs and convenience. Youd be considered to have good attention to detail and organization.

Effectively Organizing a Party Bus Pickup

We at Luxury Road Events would gladly collaborate with you in order that your visitors get nothing short of a smooth and hassle-free ride to their destination. Its important, however, that you do your part in making everything clear for the passenger-to-be, especially one arriving from the airport. You should directly message or email your guest about the details of the pickup (e.g. the name of the driver, what sign to look for at the arrival gate) and not just contact the assistant. To prepare for unlikely circumstances, you should also give the telephone numbers of the driver and the company. Of course, youd want to take the initiative of calling them yourself around the time the flight arrives.

Similarly, you should give clear instructions to the assigned chauffeur as well. It would be best to likewise contact him directly about the pickup. Giving the two parties each others phone numbers would make things easier for both, as trust would be established beforehand.

To add a special touch to transporting your guest/s, you could make an arrangement with the driver to offer them a quick tour of some of the citys sites or landmarks on their way to their destination. We at Luxury Road Events ensure that our chauffeurs are greatly familiar with the city so that they could serve as unofficial tour guides. Employing this plan would allow them to feel more relaxed and welcomed upon arriving here. It would also add a couple more points to your reputation, especially if your guest/s are informed that it was your idea.

As Confucius once said, success depends on preparation. With Luxury Road Events, youd get the help you need in preparing the best transportation for your visitors and having an ultimately successful event.

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