Essential Things To Know Before Starting A Tow Business

Essential Things To Know Before Starting A Tow Business

One can easily say that there is always going to be a need for towing services in the United States. There are always in need due to the large volume of traffic accidents on a daily basis. In addition, one cannot forget about all the numerous parking violations that require a tow as well. Of course, there are countless cars that stall or break down along side the road and need assistance. With all of that in mind, it is easy to see why there is such demand for towing services.

Who Operated The Towing Company?

Many of the towing companies that you see on the road each day are privately owned. Many of these companies operate on the small roads and county highways. Most of these towing services operate with one intent and that is to tow vehicles. However, there are some larger companies that offer up huge fleets of trucks which can be rented out or used to tow buses or big rigs. Many of the major highways have state road departments that operate their own tow trucks. Many of the police and fire departments also have their own towing service that they use for their departments.

Several Facts About The Towing Process

The tow business can become quite hectic, especially during bad weather. To keep things organized, many tow services use a dispatch service. The tow truck drivers are given assignments on a daily basis as they come in from the dispatch. When a tow service is needed it is sent to the dispatch service. The dispatch operator with then distribute the request to a driver.

Many times the dispatch operator will communicate with the driver through a mobile data terminal or a mobile radio. However, as technology has changed and become much cheaper most tow services simply use wireless phones and other equipment. Many of the towing services now rely on Global Positioning System (GPS) and other wireless tools to make life on the road more efficient.

What Tools Are Used?

Many people think that navigation tools are only used by airline and shipping companies, but you have a surprise in store. In recent years, towing services have begun to rely heavily on these tools. They can pinpoint the exact location of a car that needs to be towed, which generally means much quicker service.

Many of the larger tow companies make use of the automatic vehicle location systems that are used to determine which tow truck is closest to the client in need to lessen their wait time. The dispatcher can also monitor which trucks are in service with one glance. Many of the AVL systems employ GPS to make them more efficient.